Think rugby isn’t for you? Think again. Lots of players felt rugby may not have been for them before they tried. Too fat? Too thin? Too busy? Too inexperienced? Too camp even! But inclusive rugby thrives on difference. Players are different sizes and shapes. Different abilities. Different fitness levels. Different genders and sexualities. Bi, gay or straight. Inclusive rugby could be the new social sport for you.

1000's of Gay Men Play Rugby

Today, more gay and bi men are playing rugby union than ever before. Listen to what some of them have to say about joining their team, here.

93 Gay Rugby Clubs Worldwide

24 countries around the world now enjoy international gay rugby.  Check out the history of International Gay Rugby here.

13 IGR Teams in England

There are 13 IGR affiliated gay and inclusive rugby teams in England with more to come! The Leeds Hunters become the 66th Full IGR member in 2017

Zero Tolerance for Homophobia

You don’t have to be gay to play inclusive rugby but, regardless of sexuality or gender, we ask that you respect inclusive values, your team mates and opponents.

Inclusive Rugby Thrives on Difference

We’d encourage everyone to give rugby a try regardless of gender or sexuality.

Safety first

IGR clubs in England are supported by The RFU and we operate to strict guidelines to help reduce the chance of injury.  

If you want to give rugby a try with a gay and inclusive rugby club in England, let us know today for more info.

Let us know

Hear what some other players in gay and inclusive rugby clubs think

We’ve been listening to lots of players who enjoy playing for various IGR teams up and down the country, finding out what fears and concerns they had before they joined their IGR England Rugby Club.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting some of the recordings we made here.  

If you think rugby isn’t for you, perhaps hearing these clips will help you think again.

Years since the legalisation of homosexuality in the UK

New teams receiving RFU coaching following our Summer Pride Tour

New followers of our Spirit of IGR Facebook page

Members of IGRC the IGR's Facebook Clubhouse

Get involved with these new clubs that we’ve set up due to popular demand

Following successful visits to Sheffield and Chester Prides, we’ve set up two new clubs for people who want to give rugby a try.
If you want to get involved, click the logos below and join them on Facebook and join in their training sessions. 


RFU Coaching

We ask the RFU to provide a talented coach to help kickstart the training sessions and get the ball rolling on the new club


All Rugby Abilities

You will never be thrown in at the deep end so don’t worry if you’ve never even picked up a rugby ball before.  We’ll make sure you play to your ability so you can enjoy giving rugby a try.

Got a question about playing rugby or what inclusive rugby is all about?

Ask us via email